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Dear Apexian

Good day to you all.
As discussed before, I have the pleasure of sending herewith Memorandum of Articles of Apex Global as proposed by a 3 member Committee formed during Mid-term Meeting held at Yercaud, India.
I shall highly appreciate if you go through the Memorandum and come back with your suggestions, if any at next AGM of Apex Global to be held on August 11,2017 at Shaalam, Malaysia.
Your proper attention and deliberations will help all of us to finalise the Memorandum of Articles. And then it can be adopted at the AGM.
I look forward to your valued suggestions and also to meet all of you at the next AGM on August 11,2017.
Take care
Yours in Apex Global
Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain
Chairman,Apex Global
National President – 2014, Apex Bangladesh
7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)
Cell: +88 01713 092133, 01684 016156

Details of Apxn. Aslam,Global Chairman




1.1.      Name                          The name of the Organization is Apex Global

1.2.      Pertinent Definitions

1.2.1.   APEX GLOBAL          The combined group of Apex Associations joined as one International Group known as Apex Global.


The combined heads of each Apex Association that manages the business of Apex Global

1.2.3    ASSOCIATIONS        The various individual National Apex Associations

1.2.4.   NATIONAL BOARDS  The National Boards which conduct the business of the individual Associations and their Districts, Regions and States within each Association.

  • WOCO The World Council of Service Clubs that encompasses Apex, Round Table       International, Active 20-30 and Ladies Circle

The Asia-Pacific regional body that consists of the Apex Associations and Round Table Associations

  • ASPAC Regional Chairman.

The elected position of Regional Chairman of the ASPAC Organisation


A member of Apex Global that can attend Group meetings, and participate in all discussions and activities but is ineligible to vote at this forum until it meets the minimum requirement for full membership i.e. minimum of three clubs within the Association.

             1.3.                               Interpretations

                                                  1.3.1.    The Memorandum of Understanding is to be read on the basis that the words have their usual English meaning as stated in the Macquarie Dictionary.

                                                  1.3.2.    It is the intention of every Apexian that the Memorandum of Understanding be read and followed with the best interests and Ideals of Apex in mind.

ARTICLE 2                              IDEALS AND OBJECTS

             2.1.                               The Ideals of the Organization are:-

2.1.1.      To make the ideal of service the basis of all enterprise;

2.1.2.      To develop by example a more intelligent and aggressive citizenship;

2.1.3.      To provide a means of forming enduring friendship rendering altruistic service and building better communities;

2.1.4.      To promote international understanding and friendship.

             2.2.             The Objectives of Apex Global shall be:-

2.2.1.      To foster and promote active interests in all community affairs both locally and internationally;

2.2.2.      To encourage high standards and communication in business;

2.2.3.      To share ideas and methods of greater efficiency and effectiveness;

2.2.4.      To promote and participate in genuine good fellowship;

2.2.5.      To contact and support young people.



                3.1.         Logo                                                       


3.1.1.      The rising sun represents the rising generation of youth;

3.1.2.      The base of the triangle represents the ideal of citizenship;

3.1.3.      The sides of the triangle represent the ideals of fellowship and service.

3.1.4.      The logo can be adapted by each country to incorporate their individual identity by placing the name of their country at the base

3.1.4       The Logo is the original design from the Founders of Apex.


             3.2              The Brand                                                                           

3.2.1       The Brand incorporates the Logo.

3.2.2       The intention of the Brand is to present a consistent single identity of Apex Global to the international public.

3.2.3.      The triangular logo should be devoted to historical and internal uses when promoting Apex, while the arched brand is our adopted focus when externally promoting Apex nationally & internationally

3.2.4       The arch represents the clasp of hands of friendship across the various countries that form part of the Apex Global alliance.

3.2.5       The arch elevates the Logo to demonstrate the importance of the ideals and philosophy represented in the Logo.

3.2.6       In addition the arch demonstrates the unified and cooperative assistance shared by participating Apex organizations

3.2.7       The brand will not be altered from its original state without the approval of the Group Committee.

3.2              Use

3.2.1       It is recommended that the Logo and its various adaptations for each Apex Country be utilised in conjunction with the Brand to suitably promote Apex in each individual Country as well as Internationally.

3.3.             Colors

The official colours of Apex Global are red, blue and yellow.

  • Apex Global Statement


The statement enshrined across the top of the brand describing our purpose is:-

“PARTICIPATION, PEOPLE, PURPOSE – our world, our community”

This statement is to be utilised at all times when publicising in the wider regional community.

3.4.1       The Statement of Purpose “PARTICIPATION, PEOPLE, PURPOSE – our world, our community” forms part of the overall mission of all Apex Associations. Being that we as likeminded Associations will encourage all members to increase their Participation in Apex, that the People of Apex are united in their desire to help their own communities as well as all communities in our region and that our Purpose is to create an atmosphere where we all Grow, Learn Make Friends and Have Fun while Helping Others. Our World, Our Community is a symbolic statement of our membership of a wider community across the globe.

ARTICLE 4            MEMBERS

             4.1.             The membership of Apex Global shall consist of Apex Associations. Membership is not restricted to Associations maintaining membership of WOCO or ASPAC. Members who choose to not be members of either WOCO or ASPAC shall maintain Apex Global membership status without prejudice.

             4.2.             An Association shall consist of not less than 3 clubs.

             4.3.             Associations with less than 3 clubs shall be appointed with Associate member status to Apex Global to encourage participation and expansion.

             4.4              The Age limit of the active members of the individual Associations should not exceed 45 years, but Associations that maintain an active membership age of over 45 years will maintain membership of Apex Global through the approval of The Group Committee. Associations will consist of male, female and mixed clubs with encouragement given to Associations to have clubs with identification as non gender specific.

4.5              All Associations shall be incorporated pursuant to the relevant laws of the country they are based. Apex Global accepts no liability for errors, omissions or acts by individual associations against the laws of any nation or nations, and no liability can be transferred to Apex Global by a member association.

  • There are no financial expectations or fees for membership of Apex Global.
  • There will be no bank accounts operated in the name of Apex Global.



5.1.      Obligations

5.1.1.      Every Association and every individual member of every Association shall follow the Ideals and Objectives of Apex Global.

5.2.      Chartering of New Clubs and Associations

A prospective Club and/or Association may be chartered providing:-

5.2.1.           The prospective Club/Association is sponsored by a Club with a current charter or by an Association;

5.2.2.         The sponsor and the prospective Club/Association follow the chartering process outlined in the individual Associations relevant rules.

5.3.      Communication


Each Association shall be entitled to communicate directly with The Group Committee and The Group Committee shall communicate directly with each Association.



6.1.      Governing Body

6.1.1    The business of Apex Global shall be administered by The Group Committee.

6.1.2    The mission of The Group Committee is to assure a well run, effective Apex Global that is responsive to its members needs. The Group Committee shall:- Pursue the Ideals and Objectives; Develop projects and activities jointly within the region; Oversee administrative functions; and Ensure the financial responsibility and accountability of any activities undertaken by The Group.

6.1.3 The Group Committee’s vision is that it shall provide effective leadership of Apex Global by:- Recognising the need for change and managing it effectively; Responding to member Association needs and expectations; Unifying its actions; and Focusing on solutions


6.2.      The Group Committee

The persons who sit on The Group Committee shall consist of:-

6.2.1    The Apex Global Chairperson (automatically placed by way of rotation as per Article 6.6.3);

  • The Apex Global Vice Chairperson (automatically placed by way of rotation as per Article 6.6.5);
  • The National Presidents of each Apex Association as elected by their Association or a member appointed to the position as approved by that individual member Associations National Board;
  • The incoming National Vice President of the home Association of the incoming Apex Global Chairperson shall assume the position of that Associations representative on The Group Committee or such other member as approved by that Associations National Board.

6.3.      Powers of the Group Committee:-

6.3.1    The powers, duties and obligations of the members of The Group Committee are as restricted to those duties established within this Memorandum of Understanding

6.4.      The Activities of Apex Global

6.4.1    Any activity in the name of Apex shall be undertaken having regard to the Ideals and Objects of Apex Global and Apex in general.

6.4.2    The activities that Apex Global conducts as a united body may undertake are to be conducted under the approval and supervision of The Group Committee

6.4.3    Activities conducted as Individual Associations either locally or Internationally are to be conducted under the auspice of that individual Association’s sovereign right, however all International activities are recommended to be placed before The Group Committee for formal approval.

6.5.      Day to Day Management of Apex Global

The day to day management of Apex Global shall be conducted by the appointed Chairperson or Vice Chairperson or his or her proxy as approved by The Group Committee.

6.6        Apex Global Chairperson

6.6.1       The position of Chair of the Apex Global Group shall rotate through the individual Associations. The National President or their proxy as approved by that Association’s National Board shall automatically assume the position of Chair of Apex Global as of the 1st July each financial year.

6.6.2       The Chairperson shall maintain that position in conjunction with their role of National President during that twelve month period. If in the circumstance that an Association’s Annual Changeover is not conducted until an extended period after the 1st July, the member assuming the position of National President at that next changeover shall automatically assume the position of Chairperson of Apex Global as of 1st July prior to their swearing in to the position of National President of their Association.

6.6.3       The position of Chairperson of Apex Global shall rotate through the individual Associations on a rotational basis in the following order commencing from the 1st July 2008

Apex Australia

Apex Bangladesh

Apex Malaysia

Apex India

Apex Singapore

Apex Philippines

Apex Fiji

Apex Indonesia

Apex Srilanka

Any new Association Chartered will join at the bottom of the list.

6.6.4          If in the event of one Association declining the position of Chairperson of Apex Global the position of Chairperson shall automatically be assumed by the incoming National President of the next Association in the rotation.

6.6.5          The Vice Chairman of Apex Global shall be the incoming National Vice President of the next Association in the rotation.

6.6.6          If in the event that due to unforeseen circumstances that neither position can be filled by way of the process as listed above – the positions of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson shall automatically resume at the commencement of the list.

ARTICLE 7            DUTIES


7.1          Apex Global Chairperson

The duties of the Apex Global Chairperson shall include the following:

7.1.1.      The attendance if possible at the two Group Committee Meetings.

  • The investigation with The Group Committee and with the assistance of individual Apex Associations of the possibilities of extension to new areas in the region
  • The promotion and encouragement of the active participation in all aspects of Apex by members.
  • Keeping the ASPAC Regional Chairman informed of all Apex Global activities within the region.
  • Chairing the meetings of The Group Committee
  • In general to promote The Groups Ideals and Objectives and represent the interests of Apex Global and to fulfill such duties as the members may from time to time decide.
  • To promote travel and fellowship between the members of Apex Global
  • To encourage club to club relationships within Apex Global
  • Apex Global Vice Chairperson

The Vice Chairperson shall in general understudy the Chairman and their duties shall include the following:

  • To generally assist the Chairperson
  • To act as secretary at meetings of The Group Committee
  • To fulfill such duties as the members from time to time decide
  • To Chair Apex Global meetings in the absence of the Chairperson
  • Restrictions
    • The position of Chairperson/Vice Chairperson of Apex Global does not result in that individual having authority over any Association.

It is purely a management/coordination position of The Group. The position is for the chairing of the two annual meetings and the coordination of activities and communication between the members of the Apex Global Group. The chair position holds no power or authority over any sovereign association’s activities or interests.


  • The Group Committee shall meet not less than two times in the Apex Global year, the first of which shall be held at a Regional Member Associations Changeover usually in July or August and shall be deemed to be the AGM and the second at the venue of the ASPAC – ATSUMARI AGM which is normally hosted in February or March of each year.
  • The Apex Global year shall commence on the first day of July in each year and shall end on the 30th day of June in the following year.


9.1          Voting at meetings of the Apex Global Group Committee shall, unless otherwise provided, be by simple majority by way of a show of hands, each Association being entitled to vote on the matter under consideration having one vote. Voting by proxy shall not be permitted.

9.2          A quorum for any meeting of the Apex Global Group Committee shall be 40% of those Members who are entitled to vote. (Under the current 7 Association membership a minimum of 3 from 7 Associations is required to be present for a quorum)

  • Any motion submitted by a Member Association to any Meeting shall require a seconder.
  • One delegate elected for such purpose by each member association shall be entitled to vote at the meetings of The Group Committee
  • The Chairperson of the Apex Global Group Committee is designated to have a casting vote at all Group Committee meetings.



  • Notice of a meeting of the Apex Global Group Committee together with an Agenda of the business to be transacted at such meeting shall be sent by the Chairperson to the Presidents of all member Associations at least 60 days prior to such meeting.


  • The total expenses of all members of The Group Committee shall be the responsibility of their respective Associations.


12.1        The Business of Apex Global shall be disposed of in the following order or in                                                     such order as the meeting by resolution may determine.

Ideals and Objectives

Welcome and meeting procedure

Adoption of the Minutes of the previous meeting

Matters arising from the Minutes

Association reports

Projects and Cross Association Programs

Extension and Chartering of Clubs and Associations

Regional Projects and items of interest

Date and Venue of the next Meeting

Any other Regional Business

Apex Global Chairpersons Report

ASPAC matters

Any other business

Sergeant at Arms Fine Session




13.1        This Memorandum of Understanding may only be amended if such proposed amendment is circulated to all Members 60 days prior to the relevant meeting and if two-thirds of the Member Associations are present and entitled to vote in favour of such a proposal. (Under current 7 association membership – 5 from 7 required to be present)



14.1        The following administrative arrangements will apply in the event of a decision to             wind up or suspend the affairs of Apex Global:

  • In the event of a decision to wind up the affairs of Apex Global which shall be taken only at an Annual General Meeting at which not less than two-thirds of the total votes of those present and entitled to vote are cast in favour of such windup.
  • The Apex Global Members shall decide upon the safekeeping and or disposal of records, insignia and other assets of Apex Global.



             15.1.          The Founders of Apex

The Founders of Apex are recognised as Ewen Laird OBE, Langham Proud OBE and Sir John Buchan CBE.

             15.2.          Birthplace and Birth date:-

The birthplace of the Apex movement was the Geelong Apex Club on 10 March 1931.

15.3.          Individual Association Birthdates

Apex Global recognises that the 10th March 1931 was the overall birth date of the Apex movement but that each individual Association recognises its own individual and unique time and date that Apex commenced in each individual country.

             15.4.          Apex Celebrations

                Each individual Association shall celebrate its birth during the periods associated with the development of Apex within those member countries.

15.5           Apex Global Celebrations

Every Association is encouraged to annually highlight the existence of Apex Global particularly during the month of March, including March 10th the birth date of the Apex movement.

             15.5.          The Organisation shall be non-party political and non-sectarian.




Apex Global 8th AGM and Installation Program 2017 in Malaysia

Dear all Apexians,
Greetings from Apex Global.
This is official information / invitation for the 8th Apex Global AGM and Installation Program.
I am pleased to inform you all that Apex Malaysia has kindly agreed to arrange the Apex Global AGM and Installation Program in their National Convention which will be held in Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah. Details Schedule of the program is given below:
Program: 8th Apex Global AGM
Date:  11 August 2017
Venue: Kelab Golf Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah (KGSAAS), Shah Alam, Malaysia
Time: 5.00 pm to 6.15 pm ( Malaysian Local Time )
And followed by Installation Program at 6.30 pm at the same venue.
All members country are requested to send :
i) Proposed agenda (if any) by 5th July 2017 to the undersigned address.
ii) Country Reports by 5th July 2017 to the undersigned address.
iii) Proposed Amendments (if any) of MOU by 30th May 2017 to the undersigned address.
Apxn. Aslam Dip Roy Prapty roy Sabera

NB. Website of Apex Global is already updated. If you like to add any information, please forward your information to me.
Eagerly waiting for your presence in the above program. All the best.
Yours in Apex

Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain
Chairman, Apex Global
National President – 2014, Apex Bangladesh
7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)


The Association of Apex Clubs of Singapore welcomes all Apexians and Delegates to its 39th MERLION CONVENTION for 2 days of Fellowship, Friendship and Fun.
There is an early bird package that we are extending it to end of May. Please fill in the details required in the attached form and select your Convention Package to complete your registration. Let us know if you have any Diet Restrictions indicated on the form as well.
If you are looking at booking accommodation, we suggest that you to consider booking;
Robertson Quay Hotel
15 Merbau Road, Clarke Quay
Singapore 239032
At SG$240 for 2 nights (at current Twin Sharing via
Or for those on a budget, here are other choices;
Beds and Dreams Inn @ Clarke Quay 2 stars
Royal Hostel Singapore – this is in Chinatown
We encourage you to book your accommodation early to get better room rates, please feel free to liaise with our organising committee;
1) Apexian Yvonne Seah –
2) Apexian Evelyn Ong –
3) Apexian Irene Lai
We look forward to seeing you at Singapore!
Yours in Apex ,
Irene Lai
National President of Apex Clubs of Singapore 2016/2017
Hp number: +65 97993254
39th MERLION CONVENTION 4th to 6th August 2017 INVITATION
The Association of Apex Clubs of Singapore welcomes all Apexians and Delegates to its 39th MERLION CONVENTION for 2 days of Fellowship, Friendship and Fun you will not want to miss.
4th August 2017 (Friday) 7pm – late Pre-Convention Social Dinner Venue: To be confirmed
5th August 2017 (Saturday) 2pm Annual Apex Singapore AGM
Venue: Apex Day Rehabilitation Centre 119 Bukit Merah View #01-85, Singapore 152119
7pm – late 39th Merlion Convention Gala Dinner
Venue: Qian Xi Carpenter Restaurant, 29 Carpenter Street Singapore 059923
Fill up this registration form and email back to us. For further enquires, you may like to contact Organising committee Apexian Yvonne Seah ( and Evelyn Ong (
We look forward to your attendance! Early bird registration closes on 31th Mar 2017 (Friday). —————————————————————————————————————————
Please fill in the details required and select your Merlion Convention Package below to complete your registration fee:

Name of Partner/Spouse, if applicable:
Representing Club:
Email Address:

Click on the box to select the package
Early Bird Pricing (before 31th Mar 2017) Registration after 31th Mar 2017

☐ Full Package (Pre-Con & Gala Dinner) @ S$ 98 ☐ Full Package (Pre-Con & Gala Dinner) @ S$ 118
☐ Gala Dinner Only @ S$ 68 ☐ Gala Dinner Only @ S$ 88
☐ Gala Dinner Only @ S$ 128 for a couple ☐ Gala Dinner Only @ S$ 148 for a couple
Diet Restrictions ☐ Vegetarian ☐ Halal ☐ Others,


Dear Apex Leaders

Greetings from Apex Global.

The Mid-term meeting will now be hosted by Apex India and will be held at Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India on February 02, 2017 at 8 PM.
Venue: Hotel  Shevaroys. Yercaud, India. I feel so sorry for such a change made at such a short notice which has been made at the best interest of Apex Global.

Take care

Yours in Apex Global

Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain
Chairman, Apex Global
National President – 2014, Apex Bangladesh
7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)

Cell: +88 01713 092133, 01684 016156




We are pleased to inform that Apex Club of Kuala Lumpur will be hosting the Mid-Term Meeting of Apex Malaysia and celebrating its 60th Anniversary.  The Mid Term Meeting will be held from Friday 24th February to Saturday, 25 February 2017.
Our 60th Anniversary Gala Dinner will be held on Saturday, 25th February 2017  at 7.00 pm at Hotel Grand Continental Kuala Lumpur, Jalan Belia / Jalan Raja Laut, 50250 Kuala Lumpur.
The President and Organising Committee of Apex Club of Kuala Lumpur take much pleasure in inviting you to attend and grace this function.
We will be much appreciated if you could write a message for our 60th Anniversary Souvenir Programme Book.
We are looking forward for your attendance.   For any further clarification or assistance, please contact the following persons:-
1) Club President – Apexian Sritharan  (H/P No. 6018-396 7713 / Email address :
2) Club Secretary – Apexian Sarasvadhi Naidu (H/P No.: 6016-691 6178 / Email Address :
Apexian Sritharan  Organising Chairman / President   Mid Term Meeting 2017


Download :Invitation-Apex Global Chairman


The Apex Globetrotter 1st issue-2017 will be published 30 March. Please help us to send your club activity, service, program image also text about apex global in time.

Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain

Chairman,Apex Global

National President – 2014, Apex Bangladesh

7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)

Cell: +88 01713 092133, 01684 016156



Dear Apexian

Glade to inform you that Apex Global Directory 2017 will be published 30 March 2017. Please send your club history, National Board Members picture with address with in 30 February 2017.

Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain

Chairman,Apex Global

National President – 2014, Apex Bangladesh

7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)

Cell: +88 01713 092133, 01684 016156