Memorandum of Article of Apex Global 2017

Dear Apex Leaders 

Greetings from Apex Global 
Please refer to my earlier mail dated April 17,2017 requesting you to send me your proposals, amendments, suggestions regarding Memorandum of Article of Apex Global by May 30,2017.
In this respect, I would like to inform you that a 3 member Committee comprising of Apxn. Kate Huth (Apex Australia) Immediate Past Global Chairperson, Apxn. M. Kutub Uddowllah (Apex Bangladesh), Past Apex International President and Apxn. Rabin NIRO of Apex Malaysia, was formed at the last Apex Global Midterm meeting held at Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India. 
Apxn. Kate Huth will act as Chairperson while Apxn Rabin will work as Member- Secretary of the Committee. 
I will forward your replies to this Committee for their review and recommendations.
These recommendations will then be placed at next Apex Global AGM to be held in Kuala Lumpur on August 11,2017.
I also mention here that,  in the last AGM of Apex Global held in 2016, it was decided that the rotation of Chairmanship of Apex Global will be from Apex Malaysia in 2017-18 and from Apex India in 2018-19.
I look forward to receive your mail very soon 
Thanks for your understanding 


Yours in Apex Global

Apxn. Md. Aslam Hossain
Chairman, Apex Global
National President – 2014, Apex Bangladesh
7, B B Avenue Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh
Tel: +880 2 9562218(0), 57313024(R)

Cell: +88 01713 092133, 01684 016156